Jean Crowder

MP, Nanaimo—Cowichan

Cowichan Green Community Seeds for Change Conference - February 18, 2012

February 20th, 2012 - 6:45pm

The Cowichan Green Community hosted the successful Seeds for Change Conference which united the community in taking a stand against GMOs. I was pleased to speak at the conference about food safety, GMO labelling, and the role of the federal government. I was also glad to serve on the panel for the very good questions asked by the audience.

Many people at the conference were interested in some of the statistics and references that I brought up in my speech:

BC Food Systems Network - Food Security Primer:

Health Canada - Biotechnology:

Health Canada - Approved Genetically Modified and Novel Foods:

If you have further questions about my speech or the work my colleagues and I are doing, please contact my office or browse through the rest of my website.

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